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Welding Jobs

In today's workforce, welding jobs are readily available, and experienced welders are in high demand. While there is some variation across geographical regions, welding positions have many similarities, regardless of the area.

Benefits of Welding Jobs

Welding jobs pay very well considering they often require only a high school diploma and little to no further education, depending on the specific role. On average, a welder makes close to $20 per hour. While these positions may not require a college degree, a prospective welder must exhibit proficiency with many welding skills. Welding training is now commonly available at the high school level and can teach students up to a relatively advanced level of expertise. A complex skill to master, many welding jobs are available in industrial manufacturing, architectural welding and pipeline welding. Another potential benefit of welding jobs is the possibility to join a welders union. There are many union welding jobs, and unions offer additional security because they often fight for better salaries, increased benefits and safer working conditions.

Job Environment

The specific environment for welding jobs often depends on the company or the industry in which the company resides. Some welding positions are indoors in a factory or other industrial setting; however, many welding jobs are performed outside. Welders work in all types of weather, which can be strenuous.also required to lift heavy objects and work in tight spaces, on scaffolds or in other unusual circumstances.

The Outlook for Welding Jobs

In 2016, over 400,000 welding jobs were available in the United States. That number is increasing by approximately 6 percent every year, and the job growth rate is expected to remain steady over the next ten years. Welders are critical to the maintenance of our communities, roads, buildings, and production. The state of Texas has the highest need for welders, providing many opportunities for prospective welding job hunters. California has a high demand for welders as well, primarily in water infrastructure. Another state to consider for welding jobs is Pennsylvania, which is very active in fracking.

With a positive outlook for growth in the welding industry, the availability of welding jobs and the many benefits of these positions, welding is an attractive career choice for many job hunters.

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